“I didn’t want to go at first because I didn’t know anyone but by the end of the first day, I made some new friends.  Although the COVID restrictions kept us from going out, we actually had a lot of fun while working on some good projects for people in need.”

 - Shane, 7th Grade

"It made me feel proud to see that my friends and I helped to make food to feed so many people who can't afford to feed themselves.  I wish everyone could feel the joy I felt when I realized just how many people we were helping to feed."

 - Emma, 6th Grade

"uServe is an inspiring camp that helps teach us about others in our community and near by communities.  It inspires young kids to help people that are in need and be more responsible for themselves and others."

 - Carly, 7th grade

"Last year was my first year doing uServe and I had a great time. I loved all the places we went to, the people we met, and I loved helping others through service. I went to nursing homes, grow a row, I handed out food to those who couldn’t afford it, and I visited a convent. It was a great experience and I am definitely going back this summer!"

 - Amelia, 7th grade

"Very enjoyable, fun and interesting! A friend from last year joined and it was really cool helping at the soup kitchen and seeing all the people happy. Nothing nerve-wracking, just a good time and a good camp!"

- Ben, 9th Grade

"I loved everything about uServe! It really helped me see the good in people and I was able to meet some new friends. uServe really was a great camp. It was a really moving experience."

 - Gabe, 7th Grade

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